FRIGOSTORE cold stores

Out of FRIGOPANEL cold room panels, FRIGO-
UNIT cooling units and cold store doors, we build turnkey cold storages and freezer storages.

Our strength lies in our rapid planning and ten-
der and in an extremely short construction period.

The special construction concept gives us the ability to supply complete cold storages worldwide and to assemble them.

FRIGOQUIP complete program for cold storage technology:

- FRIGOCELL cold rooms
- FRIGODOOR cold store doors
- FRIGO-UNIT cooling units
- FRIGOFLEX strip curtains
- FRIGOFLEX swing doors
- FRIGOSTORE cold stores
- FRIGOVENT air curtains
- FRIGOPANEL insulation panels
- FRIGOALARM emergency call
- FRIGOSHELF shelves

FRIGOQUIP delivery program
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Would you like to seal your door very comfortable ?

Our FRIGOVENT air curtains seal the door opening without hindering the passing traffic.
They create an unique air barrier to prevent the harmful air exchange.
So they save comfortably energy costs.